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Introduction of Treasure Map, Inc.

Treasure Map "Putting Real-time Family Desk Management Back in Your Hands"

Wealth Preservation

Treasure Map protects and accelerates wealth by providing immutable transactional control over Family Desk communications, document sharing, permissions, and asset management

  • Secure Asset Delivery
  • Orchestrated Work Flow
  • Simple Intuitive Control

"Tired of using one-size-fits-all tools to protect your family wealth"

Secure Asset Delivery

The stakes are too high to rely on email or out-of-the-box workflow and asset management solutions.Too many Family Desks are still sending sensitive documents via email, FedEx™, and ad-hoc applications that provide little to no security, zero accountability, and generic workflow controls.
The era of "send...wait...and hope" is over

"Successfully family desk management requires timely, secure, and permission-based asset management."

Orchestrated Work Flow

Your customized Treasure Map portal is engineered specifically to the unique needs and processes that define your Family Desk.

Treasure Map provides highly-orchestrated controls over the critical communication between family members, financial advisers, wealth managers, and outside 3rd parties that too often create inefficiencies and miscommunications that can erode wealth, sever relationships, and diminish legacy.

"No two family desks are exactly the same. So you need an agile and customized solution designed specifically for yours".

Simple Intuitive Controls

360º Family Desk management in one customized and easy-to-use dashboard.

A single-pane-of-glass providing time-stamped communication, permission-based accessibility, and fully-searchable audit trails that deliver
real-time control and immutable accountability.

"Real-time control and full-transparency that builds trust and reduces costs."

One Fully-Integrated Family Desk Platform

Most applications are over-engineered, leaving users tapping into only 15-20% of the applications full capabilities. Treasure Map removes the waste and integrates only the most needed, best-in-class functionalities required by your Family Desk.

"One aggregated and integrated set of tools.....customized specifically for your Family Desk."

Time-Sensitive Orchestrations

Review, execution, notarization, etc. of a set of documents in a timed, time-stamped manner are called orchestrations.

"The stakes are too high to miscommunicate."

Treasure Map

At Treasure Map, we understand that wealth perseveration requires carefully controlled and monitored communication, coupled with secure and immutable distribution of documents, intellectual property protection and secure and accessible access to your assets. Now you can monitor and control all security while protecting and cultivating your wealth with immutable control over the communications, transactions, and inspiration that you rely upon to successfully manage and grow your family wealth.

"Technology that Protects & Accelerates your Wealth".

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