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Transition Time

Transition Time

If you’ve made the decision to exit your business, it is very difficult for business owners to decide how to go about the most important transition that they are ever likely to face, or understand how to achieve maximum value.




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Reasons for Business Owner Transition

Reasons for Business Owner Transition

  • Change in Lifestyle
    • After many years in the business, the owner may have reached a point where they desire to do something different with their life.
  • Time
    • Business owners it is simply a matter of time-not enough of it. The business becomes all-consuming and personal areas of life begin to suffer.
  • Business negatives
    • Business develops, owner find themselves increasingly stifled by managerial and administrative responsibilities, such as employment legislation, personnel issues, new regulations and disputes with partners or downturn.
  • Life Change
    • Changes including the death of the business owner, or a divorce or disability.

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